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Hadi Tabatabai & Norman Zammitt
Two Minimalist American Artists In Paris
30 March - 30 April 2

Hadi Tabatabai and Norman Zammitt are two american artists. Working in two different cities in two different times, they are both drawers, painters and sculptors, and shared a unique language, minimal and magnificent. 

Curated by Chiara Condi and Mahssa Talai, this exhibition explores two forms of minimalism by creating a dialogue between the acclaimed american artists Hadi Tabatabai and Norman Zammitt, and celebrates the indisputable quality and singularity of their oeuvre. Taking place in the prestigious Place Vauban in Paris, inside the home where Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé lived during the sixties, the selection of artworks also dialogues with a selective selection of furnitures. 

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Hadi Tabatabai
Iran 1964


Hadi Tabatabai is an American artist from Iranian origin living and working in San Francisco.  

He creates minimal works which invite us to peace and travel. Possessing a highly personal language, he differs technically and visually from minimalist artists, even if his geometric grids recall those of the artist Agnes Martin. His blue drawings, emblematic, are an obvious reference to the artist Yves Klein who said « All colors bring forth associations of concrete ideas while blue evokes at most the sea and the sky. » An entire life in the United States has made this contemporary artist of Iranian origin a painter and a sculptor endowed with a technique unequalled in Iran. His works are in several prestigious public and private collections including those of the artists Agnes Martin and Luc Tuymans, and the American Dutch born art collector Werner Hans Kramarsky.


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Norman Zammitt
Canada 1931 - 2007


Norman Zammitt was an American artist from Canadian origin living and working in Los Angeles. 

He was a lead figure in the Light & Space movement considered as the most important one in Los Angeles. His works, especially his « three dimensional » sculptures, were pioneers in the United States. This innovative concept, which explored color and transparency, inspired a whole generation of artists including Dewain Valentine or Peter Alexander, and earned him the Guggenheim Prize in 1968. Artworks from his Band Painting series were, in turn, aligned with those of the American minimalist artists, Ellsworth Kelly and Frank Stella, or the German abstract painter Josef Albers, due to their repetition and exploration of color, its nature and its spirituality. Norman Zammitt is collected by impressive american institutions such as the Lacma and the Moma.

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" Hadi Tabatabai and Norman Zammitt shared a unique language,
minimal and magnificent. "