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Mahssa Talai advises collectors and companies wishing to develop a collection by offering them major artworks and ensuring them the best conditions of access. 
These artworks of indisputable quality result of a constant quest for the most contemporary artists as well as a strong knowledge of the art market. Through major exhibitions, international fairs, public auctions and private collections, she looks out for the slightest singularities of the art world. Present the whole time of the possession of the artworks, which considered as suitable investments will naturally increase in value over time, she arranges transport, insurance, restoration, framing and inventory. She also solicits loans to museums, irrefutable proof of their institutional quality while watching for the most advantageous moment to sell. Mahssa Talai also has a special affection and knowledge of Middle Eastern artists, modern and contemporary, that indicate the existence of one of the most current forms of art.
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