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News # 06
Thoughts by Mahssa Talai

er 2023 


Did you know that your company can help you enrich your art collection ? Leasing is an extremely interesting and intelligent financing solution that allows companies and self employees to rent artworks for a fixed period, and acquire them at the end of the contract, at a residual price.

News # 05
Exhibition by Mahssa Talai

March 2023 


What ties unite the two acclaimed artists Hadi Tabatabai & Norman Zammitt? Working in two different cities in two different times, they are both drawers, painters and sculptors, and shared a unique language, minimal and magnificent. Curated by Chiara Condi & Mahssa Talai.

News # 04
News by Mahssa Talai

March 2023 


How to redefine the possibilities of a digital platform after the terrible lockdown measures? Expanding our online presence via online exhibitions, private views and viewing rooms, seems essential for any advisors or dealers who want to reach a broader audience.

News # 03
Interview by Irina Voss

December 2020


What does it mean to be an art advisor? Freedom! Art Advisors give recommendations to collectors and companies who want to build a collection. They are not attached to any gallery and are free to recommend works and artists they wish. Thanks to Irina Voss and Evelyn Paal.

News # 02
Video by Parand Danesh
May 2020


How celebrating the end of confinement and wishing a good return to a semi normal life? This video was produced during the exceptional exhibition of Rosemarie Castoro at Thaddaeus Ropac, Paris. Thanks to Rosemarie Castoro Estate and Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac for welcoming us.

News # 01
Thoughts by Mahssa Talai
March 2020


What to do in this time of uncertainty and despite the lockdown measures? When stocks are falling, markets are slowing, businesses are closing, if there is one reasonable and responsible investment to be made, art is always the most solid one. Thanks to clients and colleagues for their advices. 

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