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Ali Zanjani

Ali Zanjani

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Ali Zanjani is a photographic artist who lives and works in Iran.
Ali Zanjani studied rug design in Yazd. However, his interest in photography quickly led him to work with this medium.He has been collecting archival images and videos for over ten years. He bought his first archives in the capital's second hand markets, which offered films, documentaries, photographs as well as cinematographic, educational, journalistic and sports, archives, dating from before the Revolution. Most of the material belonged to the National Iranian Radio And Television, which later became the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting. His work therefore takes as its starting point films that were once popular sources of entertainment and references of the West, then banned by the new regime because they contravened the precepts of their religion. Ali Zanjani is represented by AG Galerie, which continues to promote and appreciate pre revolution photographies by exhibiting contemporary photography of renowned Iranian artists.



Large Editions
N° 57 - 60

Medium Editions
30 x 40 cm / N° 52 - 56

Medium Editions
20 x 27 cm / N° 47 - 51

Small Editions
16 x 21 cm / N° 29 - 46