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       Mahssa         Missions


I support my clients in the decision process:


Advising artists with institutional and international recognition
Checking certificates, conditions and provenances
​Discovering new artists, new markets and new trends

Maintaining close relationships with artists and estates

Offering important works which considered as investments will increase in value over time

Working with a worldwide network of renowned professionals and passionates


I support my clients in the purchase process:


Assisting them with negotiations, appraisals and acquisition strategies

Bringing them to galleries, fairs, auctions and ateliers

Defending them in galleries whose artists and artworks are in demand

Helping them to follow worldwide online auctions, private sales or public sales
Representing them at auctions for those who wish to remain anonymous

Supporting them on complex insurance, transport and storage options


I support my clients in the optimizing of advised artworks:


Answering legal, financial and administrative questions specific to international transactions

Collecting and paying taxes for private individuals

Considering artworks as assets in their own right

Managing specific loans, import and export conditions

Recommending tax optimization measures such as leasing for companies and entrepreneurs

Updating artworks data and estimates on an annual basis


I support my clients during the possession of advised artworks:


Helping to install, frame and hang the artworks

 Optimizing the living areas, working and stocking spaces

 Organizing events and exhibitions with renowned curators and conservators

 Presenting artworks and artists online or via a high quality catalog

 Requesting loans to museums as a proof of their museum quality

Restoring artworks and preserving the collections


I support my clients during the sale of advised artworks:


Arranging loans to galleries and fairs if necessary

Choosing the best option between online auctions, private sales and public sales

Encouraging legal contracts to protect both their interests and artworks

Ensuring total discretion and transparency on pricing and commission structures

Promoting a worldwide network of private and public potential buyers

Working on the best price and best time for an intelligent and advantageous resale

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